Boris Becker comes to Bucharest to open the Superbet Rapid & Blitz Chess stage

Boris Becker comes to Bucharest to open the Superbet Rapid & Blitz Chess stage

Boris Becker makes the first move to the chessboard at Superbet Rapid & Blitz Chess, the sixth stage in Bucharest of the most important chess competition in the world.

The renowned tennis champion is also an enthusiast chess player and gladly accepted the invitation received from the Superbet Foundation, to participate on November 5 in the official opening of the event held under the auspices of the Grand Chess Tour, of strategic importance in establishing the best chess player of the world.

“Chess is a lot like tennis, I always believed that. Both involve a lot of strategy and focus, in both cases you are on your own, face to face with the opponent. Since I finished my tennis career, I have spent more time on mind sports, a great passion of mine, and I am excited to participate in the Superbet Rapid & Blitz Chess stage in Bucharest, where I have the opportunity to see some of the best players in the world”, said Boris Becker.

The Bucharest edition is the penultimate confrontation of internationally renowned chess players and will influence the ranking that will determine who will participate in the final at London (UK) on December 2nd. 10 of the best ranked chess players in the world will come in Bucharest for the stage to be held at Stejarii Country Club, between November 6 and 10, where the prizes amount to $ 150,000!

"We are proud that we have succeeded in bringing the world chess elite to Bucharest for the first time and we want to turn this event into a tradition. Romania internationally ranks 22nd out of 186 in the FIDE (International Chess Federation) ranking, and chess can have a nice future in Romania. By this event we open a series of great collaborations in the chess world through which we believe we will positively influence the young generation. This way you can meet the world chess champions and see the strategic moves and the fight against the clock for the places in the grand final of the Grand Chess Tour, in London,” said Vlad Ardeleanu, Superbet General Manager, sponsor of the Grand Chess Tour, along with international giants such as Vivendi SA, Tata Steel India, Saint Louis Chess Club, Chess Promotions, Lohia Foundation or DeepMind, Google's Artificial Intelligence company.

Substantial prizes and decisive points for the world's top players

Besides the substantial value of the prizes, what motivates the chess players with remarkable performances to fight to win in Bucharest is also the important stake: the gained points are decisive in establishing the list of finalists who will oppose in London for the big title.

Among those who will face at Stejarii Country Club are Fabiano Caruana (USA), number 2 in the world, the great rival of Magnus Carlsen - the former champion of the mind sport, who is already qualified for the GCT final in London with a significant difference compared to the next ranked. The tournament is the first GCT level event to be held in Romania and will bring together the most famous names from the chess world. Star attractions include Fabiano Caruana – Current world number 2 and 2018 World Champion Challenger, Viswanathan Anand – 15th World Chess Champion and two time World Rapid Champion and Levon Aronian – 2009 World Rapid champion, 2010 World Blitz champion and twice winner of the Chess World Cup. The complete list of participants and details about their records can be found here.

For the first time: SuperChess Cup, the competition intended to the brightest minds of Romanian chess

In parallel, the Superbet Foundation, under the patronage of the Romanian Chess Federation, whose official sponsor Superbet has become this year, is organizing, for the first time, at Stejarii Country Club, a national competition, the SuperChess Cup. The Romanian players will dispute their supremacy during the 9 rounds of fast chess and 18 blitz, and the value of prizes at this national tournament amounts to $ 15,000.

"The top ten internationally recognized chess players will be joined by the top ten players from the Romanian Chess Federation, in a parallel SuperChess Cup tournament. Honored by the fact that we were able to bring, for the first time in Romania, an event of such greatness, we want to increase the interest for this sports and to support its development by initiatives with educational and social components”, said Augusta Dragic, co-founder of Superbet and chairman of the Superbet Foundation Board of Directors.

Up-to-date information regarding the competition can be accessed on the official channels:

Website:, the newest chess platform in Romania, managed by Superbet Foundation.




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